We manage the artwork and production requirements for many of our advertisers. We offer competitive rates, fast turnaround times and expert solutions. You can also have your artwork and production undertaken elsewhere or send us your existing material to use again.

Our billboards are built to standard size formats, so skins produced for use elsewhere will often be compatible for use on the MAS Outdoor Media Network (Please confirm the MAS Outdoor Media Network requirements with us first) and your existing digital advertising will seamlessly slot into our system.


Don’t leave your artwork until last

  • Most advertisers that are creating ‘new’ artwork require multiple amendments before they reach the ‘final product’.
  • You want to be certain that you have your advertising message just right and you may need time to reflect.
  • Billboard skin production generally takes 4 weeks from final order to the start of the display period.
  • Places on our network are limited so it is very important to have your artwork and production finalised before booking your space.

Less is more

  • Your message should be understood in just a few seconds, as people move past.
  • Avoid audience confusion; use a single message that doesn’t have to fight for attention.
  • Remove clutter, maximised your-ad-space, increase the size of key elements.
  • Mix-it-up! Advertising that does something different gets noticed.

With MAS Outdoor Media’s advertising experts you can ensure your artwork will get noticed!


  • After artwork comes production! Once you are happy with your artwork, we take care of the production and installation of your advertisement.
  • Once your campaign has finished, you have the following options to choose for your Billboard Skin;
    • We can arrange for your skin to be couriered to you,
    • You can collect the skin from MAS Outdoor Media’s Office,
    • We can safely store the skin for a monthly fee*,
    • We can dispose of your skin free of charge.
  • Billboard Skins produced by MAS Outdoor Media use only the best products and production methods so that we can provide the following commitments. We will replace your skin in the case of;
    • Theft
    • Graffiti, storm or sun damage (fading)
    • Adhesion failure, peeling, chipping or cracking
    • Inaccurate colour matching

Any loss of display time due to the above skin replacements or due to delayed production will be reimbursed with free display on booked or alternate sites.

*Terms and Conditions for the MAS Outdoor Media production guarantee apply and are available upon request.

If you require artwork and production, please select the relevant options on the Advertise Now page.






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